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Fishing For Colour

One of my favourite past times from my childhood is colouring in. I had all of the latest colouring books, ranging from Alvin and the Chipmunks, to the Lion King. My colouring books were my pride and joy. Whether it was Dinosaurs or Barbie, I coloured it.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time fishing in Lakes Entrance and Metung with my Poppy. And you can bet that on occasion the colouring books were in my backpack. But did they get coloured while out fishing? Probably not. But that's only because I didn't have the spectacular fishing inspired colouring book by keen angler, and artist Sean Simms. Not only would I have taken it fishing with me. I guarantee it would have come along to school as my show and tell.

Fast track to present day, I'm 31 years old, and showing the same excitement for Sean's book as I would have at age 7. The quality of the books paper and craftsmanship is of course high quality. No staples, so you won't have to worry about pages loosening over time. A thick glossy cover, along with tough and durable pages that won't rip when young fingers flip the pages with excitement.

From the very first page you will notice Seans attention to detail in his drawings. They're not only accurate, and appealing to the eye, but they'll have you drawn in, and anticipating what will be on the next page. With a flourish of aquatic critters, and cheeky little jokes, this colouring book really is for all ages. Whether you're 4, 31, or 75, and everything in between, you will laugh out loud at Sean's humorous jokes, that tell a story along side his captivating illustrations.

With 32 pages of colouring fun, and laughter your children will learn interesting facts about the marine wildlife without even knowing. Each character has a story to tell, along with a joke, and true fact about the worlds waterways. Sean's style of drawing and joke telling, makes this colouring book, a timeless classic for the whole family.

You can find more info about "Fishing Under The Surface by Sean Simms" on Sean's website http://www.seansimms.co.uk/fishing-under-the-surface.html along with the link to purchase the book. These books are shipped from the UK, and come with a packet of pencils. The perfect gift for any angler. As Sean Say's "Tight Lines".

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